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    The Dubcase 7th June 06 Archive
    Category: Music

    Archive for the 7th of June 06 from The Dubcase on WTS Radio wit Revere

    Beastie Boys - INtergalactic (Zardonic Remix)
    DJ Response - Aquarius Rising
    DJ DRifta - Diamond in the Ruff
    Blur - Song 2 (Zardonic Remix)
    Blal - Chill the Fuck Out
    Ricky Skull Crusha - Dollar Slip
    DJ Bluntman - Barbarians
    Index02 - Two Eyes
    Gans LP - Cops
    BDub - Budda Sack
    Group Therapy - PLight of the Righteous
    Dangerously - Clippers
    Mucheal Jackson - Speed Demon (Zardonic Remix)
    RadioSpank - New2v3
    DJ Freenote - Wot
    Nosrac - Swallowing an Avalanche
    DJ Drifta - Show me
    Katatonia - DeadHouse (Zardonic Remix)
    BDub - Killin me wit the Vibe
    System error - Grine Tech Skank
    Sytem Error - Yes Winston
    Stereotype - Missing

    cut and paste link to d/l archive


    The Dubcase 5th July Archive with track lisiting
    Category: Music

    Here we go with another archive folks, with track listing !

    Spex - All I Can Say
    Darkhalf - The Minx
    DJ Kemikal-D - Cyborg
    Pringle - Exodus
    Cool Mr Croc - Ghost Style
    Vengence - Fear of the Dark
    Tommy Stalker - Basic
    Jimmy Dutch - Mad Hopes
    Lost Property - Report
    Advanced Beliefz - Groove Addicts
    GSH - Human Sacrafice
    Pleasure Centre - Cops vs Firemen (remix)
    Metal Box Products - Native Sloughter
    Metal Box Products - What happened in Vietnam
    Royalston - Morning Girl
    DJ Response -While Others Cry
    The Green Goblin - Sociopath
    Advanced Beliefz - Sub VIP
    Royalston - We're Lost (remix)
    Polainer - Vampire
    Paperclip - Trace
    Drifta - Penguin (Fozzy Bear Remix)
    Chase & Status - Loader VIP
    Vengence - The one (remix)

    Please cut and paste link into browser to begin D/L

    www.witnessthesickness.com/Archives/The Dubcase live on WTS Radio 5th July wit Revere.mp3

    The Dubcase (Unsigned producers showcase) 17th May Archive
    Category: Music

    Archive from The Dubcase (Unsigned producers showcase on WTS Radio) wit Revere.

    Remeber The Dubcase is Live every 2nd & 4th wednesday of the month at 1600-1800 GMT on WTS Radio ! (www.witnessthesickness.com)

    Rok-One - Satan's Pate
    Griup therapy - Left on Main St
    35K - Game Done
    Davy - Rule of Thumb
    Cutting Crew - Died in your arms tonight (remix)
    Spex - Can we change
    Company Truck - Red dawn
    Deaconstruct - risk
    Drifta & Panda - Massacre
    DJ Response - Field Jungle
    JWA - Basement
    Komatic - Miami Vice Remix
    Rok-One - Spansih Dub
    La Lucha ft. Protokal - Stereotype
    Optimystic & Kryptix - Jacking
    Yello - Oh Yeah
    Rustle - So hot
    Thor - Autumn Remix
    Rustle - Ooh Baby
    Paulix - Solitude Fat32
    Zeal & Litta - Example
    Speedballa - Break Bread
    Rok-One - Wierd Shit
    Spec Sound - Top Gun Remix

    D/L here by cutting and pasting link into your browser or clicking link:

    www.witnessthesickness/Archives/The Dubcase Live on WTS Radio 17th May 2006.mp3

    mix length - 2 hrs
    file size - 166MB
    bit rate - 192kbps

    The Dubcase-12th April Unsigned Producers Showcase Archive

    Here's the archive from yesterdays show, only the freshest unsigned, uncut dubs here from some of the scenes future big names.

    Remember - The Dubcase 1400-1600 GMT every 2nd & 4th wednesday of the month for the sickest uncut & unsigned dubs on the air !

    Darkhalf - I have a dream
    Cush T - Funkify
    Spex - Going no where
    Ian Von Brodie - Lobster trot
    DJ Drifta - Dont Cha (Bootleg)
    DannC - Ethnicity
    Daddict - Nothing goes right
    BTK & Spleen & Implex - Here we go
    Aeroplane Dope & Dr Gonzo - Heads High Mashup
    Davy - Sub-Human
    Calvin - Save my Soul
    marc the beat - D'n'B Line
    Dkompzod - The hard goodbye
    Prime8 - Someone
    Andy Bubbles - Bitch moo salomon
    Rok One - Scienide Renegades
    Speedballa - Run things VIP
    Aerosol Spray - Rustle
    Loki - Atmosphere
    Jimmy Dutch - Platoon
    Company Truck - Bite her
    JWN - troy (Thor remix)

    Please cut and paste link to get mix

    Mixed by Revere
    mix length - 102 mins
    bitrate - 192kbps
    file size - 140

    www.witnessthesickness/Archives/The Dubcase 12th April Unsigned Producers Showcase hosted by Revere.mp3
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    BOOM!!! Nice one Revere bro, got a couple more tracks for ya from the Greenpiece crew coming up and some Spec A business i will pass on as well!!!!