Drum & Bass Osmosis Quick Summer Mix! 4/8/11. Icicle, Alix Perez, Marky, Lenzman, S.P.Y



This mix is dedicated to TeddyBizzle x

Heres a quick 10 minute mix of my summer toouunes I did on traktor scratch and my 1210's but without the tempos on so all the haters don't hate (hence alotta clicking)


Track Listing:

Old Flame - Alix Perez & Sabre
Ur in My Head - Icicle & Switch
Yellow Shoes - Marky & S.P.Y
More Than I Can Take (Enei Remix) - Lenzman
By Your Side (Logistics Remix) - S.P.Y


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Ur in My Head - Icicle & Switch - not a bad lil mix mate, the pads on both tracks get a lil muffled together, maybe turning down the mid range on one of them would help smooth things out a lil

Yellow Shoes - Marky & S.P.Y - placement!! the mix itself isn't bad, but where u have dropped it in isnt ideal.. the intro of yellow shoes overlaps a few bars into the previous tracks breakdown. pet hate of mine. also the level on this track is lower than the previous track. u can even see it on the waveform.
what i try and do is listen to the main part of the track in the headphones with all eq's at 12oclock and get the db level to sit just below the red before i'll mix it in from the intro. you can pre beatmatch ur track while doing this too. 2 birds 1 badger!

More Than I Can Take (Enei Remix) - Lenzman - not bad at all, bit sloppy at points with the beatmatching, but practise makes perfect. also u could have switched to the lenzman track just for the vocal before the drop so the vocals dont clash and then bring it back in.

By Your Side (Logistics Remix) - S.P.Y - not bad, again a few lil clangs here and there, i bet ur touching the record or platter, try and nip this bad habbit early on, will really help u in the long run. when by ur side comes in, the hi's on it poke through a bit much, i think a tad less treble will help it sit better.

to be honest mate, this isnt bad at all, practise what i said about ur levels, get all ur tracks peaking roughly the same and ur mix wont loose its volume and energy. but dont redline them or it will distort.

keep up with ur beatmatching, its not bad but needs polishing a lil, if u are touching the platter or the record, try not too, its a real bad habbit and once u start its hard to quit. use the pitch, move it till its too slow then till too fast then till too slow then till too fast... up and down, getting smaller changes in pitch with each movement.. takes practise but if u keep at it you can beatmatch in seconds and feel confident its not gonna go out of sync (at least not by much)

im on shitty earphones so its hard to pick up on how u have eq'd ur bass' but i couldn't tell any real issues!

hope that helps mate!


Thanks for such an indepth review!

The not touching the platter bit is a good tip, it feels a lot smoother like that although a bit weird. Do I correct it with a big shift and then revert back a little higher or do i just put it higher, wait till its to fast then lower it again a little less?

My mixer is a bit poopey so lining up the gain might be hard but I guess I can hear it to a certain extent.

My beatmatching is a lot better than my ability to match the phase of the beats. You guessed correctly it was me touching the platter, having them fairly beatmatched, but then trying to get the phase right. Have you got any tips for getting that as closely lined as possible?

Again thanks so much, its invaluble!