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aladdin sane

Jan 15, 2009
right behind you
are the replacement stylus universal? need to replace mine but i dont want the scratch ones any more. been looking on chemical and am probably gonna buy the pro s or something like that i think. Any thoughts? :confused:
I think they are. But you specific model is designed with the specific styli in mind.
email ortofon and ask..

I think they will all fit, but some combinations will result in poor sound quality, while other combinations will work fine.
The complete Ortofon Pro/DJ range is interchangeable between cartridge and stylus type; that is, any stylus will fit on any cartridge.

Essentially, the differences between the DJ range are in the stylus cut, the suspension and the generator systems. What this means is, if you were to put a Digitrack stylus on your ‘DJ’ cartridge body, the sound output would be a mixture of Digitrack stylus cut and suspension, with the generator system of a ‘DJ’. Thus, the output would not be exactly as the Digitrack technical information suggests.

The mix-and-matching of cartridge bodies with different styli has not been extensively tested enough to offer adjusted output levels etc., therefore Ortofon offer a neutral opinion on this activity. As a result, the best answer is that many people do switch to a different stylus type without any issue, but the exact intended affect of the stylus will only be fulfilled when it is placed on a matching body.
it may be your style, or your set-up process. Typically they're a good, all-round, durable cartridge so persistent problems are rare.
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