Original vocals D+B soul roller - thoughts appreciated


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(sorry I can never work out how to embed private tracks) - soundcloud.com/dan-bowler/round-the-corner-vocals-smooth-mix-220219-1/s-AqbvJ

Vocals need re-recording and are vanilla - interested to know what people think about the general vibe...whether it works or not. Pretty new territory for me so any thoughts appreciated. Obviously it still needs a lot of work in multiple areas (y)

Trying to navigate the line between rolling, soulful, musical and not too cheese.

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Percussion and drums are brilliant. Nice vibe with the Rhodes too. Melody is pleasant and mixed well although i feel the guitar needs to be a little more subtle.
Vocal for me at the moment distract me a bit much. Sure i get they are early stages but for me, i would definitely consider putting them back a bit to avoid cheese.
In my opinon Underworld nailed a style just like this, for your reference...
Nice though, experimental and bold, i dig.