Original Sin - DR feel good EP


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Jul 26, 2007
Norfolk, UK
Cat: PLAYAZ006
Release Date : 27th April 2009

A: Dr Feels Good
B: 8 Figure Bass
C: Overfiend
D: Solar

DJ Hype and Pascal’s Playaz imprint needs no introduction. Standing, as it
does, at the forefront of their record label empire. Playaz’ first release
DJ Hazard’s immense D&B anthem ‘Busted’, smashed onto the scene and
set the standard for every Playaz release to follow.

Stepping up to deliver the sixth instalment in the Playaz story is Original Sin.
Delivering the goods as only he can with a fresh take on dancefloor
drum & bass that’s already being battered on Fabio & Grooverider’s
BBC Radio 1 show.

‘Dr Feels Good’ leads the way with an epic intro that leads to a drop so filthy
you could be arrested under the terrorism act for dropping it in your set.

Swiftly following are the bass-fuelled smashers ‘8 Figure Bass’
and ‘Overfiend’, both of which will decimate dancefloors
whenever they’re drawn for. Finally the ‘Tramen’ break
makes a welcome return to drum & bass tunes as Original Sin
pulls out a new style on ‘Solar’ to close off this EP in fine style.

Cheers Nitrous for the info nice one. Promos should be soon then. I wonder if Playaz drop the promo this Friday! All the other big promos been Friday.
for fuck sakes, every one of those tunes has been rinsed to fuck!

ARGH! i was so looking forward to this when i first heard about it, now i'm not sure if i will even buy it.. i'd prefer some of his other stuff to get released
this might go the same way as the Machete EP with the Playaz site crashing due to all the Jump up Junkies wanting a hot slice of Playaz pizza

either way i will be adding this to my collection no doubt
im not a massive jump up head and dont think any of these tunes have been rinsed.

canny wait man!
Overfiend gives me goose bumps... BIG track cant wait for the release.
i canny wait!!! Orginal Sin, Taxman, Hazard & Heist are the only jump up boys i go for!

Coz they're probably the very best :D

No disrespect to anyone else, if anything it should encourage people to get to the standard of quality music they produce
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