Original Sin B2B DJ Pleasure


Wonder why the Hazard sets so short..
a few reasons! u usually get 2 artists on a cd and that means 35mins each a cd!

also they might have asked to have certan tracks removed from the set as is the case with the original sin set on here definately has one track taken out


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i uploaded them all, the only one thats missing is the alpha set, it was the only set i couldnt download from the links that were put up here (but were only on for 5 mins so i presume i was the only one that got them. no more pm's there all on dndbshare.com just type in bassman



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Roni Size - Freinds (Original Sin Remix)
TaxmanAnd Heist - Equinox
Clipz - Push It Up (TC Remix)
Double Zero - Immaculate Conception (Original Sin Remix)?
Ebony Dubsters - Ra (Original Sin Remix)
Taxman - The Circle
Original Sin & Taxman - Seen
TC - Driver
Taxman - Evasion (Taxman Remix)
DJ Hazard - Trouble Maker
Original Sin - D For Danger
Taxman - ???
Collie Buddz - Come Around (d&b Remix)
DJ Hazard - 2 For 1 (Navigator Tune)
Original Sin - 8 Figure Bass
Taxman & Heist - Frequency Scale
DJ Hazard - Killers Dont Die
Original Sin - Decibel
D Minds And DJ Hazard - Ho Bass
Heist - Sleep In Ya Eyes
Original Sin - Bastard Killer
Ebony Dubsters - Ra (G Dub Remix)
Original Sin - Ohm
>>>>DJ Pleasure - Killing Curse
DJ Pleasure - Flesh Eaters
??? - ???
DJ Pleasure - ???
Jaydan - Hustlerz and Dealerz
Zen - Full Effect
DJ Pleasure - The Dagger
??? - ???
Jaydan - Wasted Remix
Bassface Sasha - International Sound
Heist - Barney Rubal
DJ Pleasure - Frost Bite
DJ Pleasure - ???
??? - ???
DJ Pleasure - Massacre
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