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    First off, a description of what the Order is. Order 66 is about darkness, evil, things that go bump in the night. The things nightmares are but a child's toy in comparison to the evil that dwarfs it. Basically if Satan had a mix tape, he would be rocking the fuck out to an Order 66 mix. It is a podcast, regularly putting out mixes of great DJs that have a passion for the darkness. Each mix is the DJs style to the same album. Essentially, this album is infinite. Its a different take to the DJs depth of their darkness expressed within the mix. This means the range of styles and genres will change. Order 66 is meant to be an adventure through hell. Enjoy the ride.

    This first mix is done by myself (Undertone). Warning, this is 190bpm of ear fucking, if this doesn't sound like a good time, plz, don't bother listening. If this is your sort of thing, you are in for a ride. Also checkout the FB group Order 66 or my personal FB Undertone page. And thx for listening.


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