Optimal Prime Presents - Dub Cutz Vol 5 (Podcast #9)

Optimal Prime

Specialising in the arts and crafts of Drum & Bass

Ohhh, it's that time again, and OPTIMAL PRIME is back bringing you a fine specimen of a studio set bursting at the seams with brand new content and banging new drum and bass. We'd like to thank Mavamatics for his amazing attempt at trying to record us some introductory material. We had lots of fun finding new comedy recordings.

Mavamatics (of Liquid Movement) has provided us with his latest track "Underworld", featuring a rather tribal and heavily percussive take on a drum & bass track, and quite different from the majority of music in the set. Kyrad is also back again with a VIP version exclusively for us of his new track "Moondust", progressively entering the earlier side of Dub Cutz with some very nice melodic DnB.

You can also find yet ANOTHER OPTIMAL PRIME EXCLUSIVE production, this time in the form of our shot at Black Sun Empire & Noisia - Hideous remix. This is the first time though that the track has appeared in it's original form online before being included in any mix, so check our front page to hear the track on its own. This is part of the remix competition currently in the voting stage of Beatport as of writing this text (due for finishing early December 2013). Expect a free giveaway once the competition is over, assuming we don't win of course haha. Seriously though, over 800 entries, I can't see that happening, although we had made it to 19th at one stage in the voting. Any and all votes massively appreciated though. Enough waffle, onto the track list. Enjoy.


1. Koven - Make it there (feat. Folly Rae - The Prototypes remix)
2. Fred V and Grafix - Here with you (feat. Colin Mclaughlin)
3. Decell - Close your eyes (feat. Katies Ambition)
4. Camo & Krooked - Loving you is easy (S.P.Y remix)
5. Optimal Prime - Drift By
6. Kyrad - Moondust (VIP)
7. Wilkinson Ft. P.Money and Arlissa - Heartbeat
8. State of Mind - Whirlpool
9. Black Sun Empire and Noisia - Hideous (Optimal Prime remix)
10. Dabs - Lurkbox
11. Disphonia & Dose - Stateside
12. Mefjus - Leakproof
13. Dose & Menace - Down the Hatch
14. Wilkinson - Like it Hard
15. East Colors - The Light (Phil Tangent remix)
16. Axiom - Lucid
17. Mavamatics - Underworld
18. Response - Surveillance
19. M Set - Whispers
20. Tokalosh - Count on Me
21. East Colors - The Light (Beastie Respond remix)

Time Length: 74:00 Size: 169MB Bitrate: 320kbps

Special thanks to Mavamatics and Kyrad for providing us with exclusives and doing voice overs. Enjoy an Optimal Drum and Bass mix.