Optimal Prime Presents : Dub Cutz Vol 23 (With Guest Set from Mavamatics) [Drum & Bass Mixcast]

Optimal Prime

Specialising in the arts and crafts of Drum & Bass
Apr 4, 2013
Manchester, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
Dub Cutz is back again and on form with a brand new installment of drum & bass goodness, jam packed with a tonne of material for you to get your ears synchronised and locked onto. A lot has been happening in the pipeline and this show discusses more about what's been unfolding regarding our new productions, collaborations and even a fresh new label. Additionally, Dub Cutz 23 introduces a later 30 minute guest mix from the man like Mavamatics who's involved in the goings on as of late, so you get to hear 60 minutes from us and then another half hour of dark and deeper music following on.
This time you'll get a chance to hear what's up and coming on our EP set for release on Seismic Theory, the new Drum & Bass platform which we hope is going to take off and build over time.


Big shouts to Kyrad for passing on his forcoming release track "Prospects of Oblivion" especially for the show. Additionally take a look as www.seismictheory.com to see what's going on with our new label.

Hypersleep EP - Optimal Prime & Mavamatics feat. Mc Longman is officially released on 6th July 2018 and can be found on all major stores and streaming services. Short run vinyl release due to come soon too. On the off chance anyone is interested in this, then feel free to message me directly.

Tracklist - Optimal Prime Mix [60 mins]
1. Optimal Prime & Mavamatics - Hypnosis feat. Mc Longman [Seismic Theory]
2. No Humansound - 100 Rooms (Original Mix) [Blackhill Production]
3. Critical Impact - Green Goddess [unreleased]
4. Underspawn - Gripped In [Delta 9 Recordings]
5. DLR & Script - Electronic Heroin [Sofa Sound]
6. HLZ - Funk O' Clock [Dispatch Recordings]
7. Revaux - Colours (Original Mix) [Lifestyle]
8. Rune & Kaiza - Dash (Sensus Remix) [T3K]
9. Seereal - Whisky Romeo [Impact Music]
10. Calyx & Teebee - Intravenous [RAM]
11. Joe Ford - Cosine [Shogun Audio]
12. Optimal Prime - Escape Plan [Seismic Theory]
13. Cyantific - Welcome to the Future [Rampage Records]
14. Mefjus - Muskox [Vision Recordings]
15. Icicle & Proxima - Outer Planes feat. Ben Verse [Entropy Music]
16. Apex - Echoes (Original) [Hospital Records]
17. Kyrad - Prospects of Oblivion [Evolution Chamber]

Guest Mix - Mavamatics [30 mins]
1. Mavamatics - Kodachi [Dark Arts]
2. Wingz & Nester - Shallow [Music Squad]
3. Ewol - Amnesia [Free Track]
4. Fre4knc - Red Shadow [Invisible]
5. Enei and Kasra - Transmitter (feat. Jakes) [Critical Music]
6. Bungle - Cocooned [ThirtyOne Recordings]
7. Black Barrel - Still Warm [Sofa Sound]
8. Mavamatics - Existence feat. Mc Longman [Seismic Theory]
9. Amoss - Fathom [Free Track]
10. Mefjus - Sinkhole [Vision Recordings]
11. Jubei - Tip the Scales feat. DRS [Metalheadz]
12. Monty - Magma [1985 Music]

[Length] 1:32:05 - [File Size] 210Mb [Bit Rate] 320kbps [Downloadable] Yes
Enjoy the music and keep the love and support flowing. Until Next time
Optimal Prime Signing off...

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