Optimal Prime Presents... Dub Cutz Vol 20

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Apr 4, 2013
Manchester, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
Would you believe it, Dub Cutz is back! Hard to believe considering it's been the best part of a year since the last one landed on our page. In January we lost access to our regular daily studio do to venue closure forcing all businesses out, and thus had to take a bit of a back seat for a while. Fortunately we sorted most things and are back on our podcastings adventures once more.

This mix features many new releases over the last couple of months and focuses quite heavily on being organic and deeper than some of our mixes of the past. Don't get us wrong though, there'll still be the energetic highs going on in there as we take you through our journey of the colourful spectrum the Drum & Bass genre is capable of.


The tracklist can be found below for each and every track.

Dubcutz Vol 20 Tracklist & Label Info

1. Mohican Sun - Shadow - Fixation EP (Integral Records)
2. MRSA - Stuxnet (Hospital Records)
3. Document One - Uh-Huh - Technique Summer Album (Technique Records
4. ALB - Fluid
5. Mohican Sun - Providence - Fixation EP (Integral Records)
6. Spectrem - Luxury - Technique Summer Album (Technique Recordings)
7. Camo & Krooked - Black or White feat. Tasha Baxter - Mosaik Album (Ram Records
8. Krakota - Echelon (Original) - Let it Roll Sampler EP (Hospital Records)
9. Ownglow & Dilemma - Mercy (Hospital Records)
10. S.P.Y - Losin' Speep (Original) - Let it Roll Sampler EP (Hospital Records)
11. Addiction & Villem - Makes Me Feel Fine (V Recordings)
12. 1991 - VHS (Original Mix)
13. Ill Truth - Discover - In Your Soul EP (Symmetry Recordings)
14. Drumsound & Bassline Smith - The Illiad - The Odyssey VIP (Prototype Recordings)
15. Joe Ford - Guess What - Shogun Audio
16. Vromm - Level Up feat. Rider Shafique (Original) - Systems 008 EP (Critical Music)
17. Dub Physix - Right I'm Gonna Go Get Shredded this Weekend So Let Me Eat Some Spinach (Exit Records)
18. Muzzy & Priority - Break Away feat. Priority One (Monstercat)
19. Optimal Prime - Chime Era (Red Alfa Records)
20. Fierce dBridge - Twilight (Orignal) (Quarantine Recording)
21. Foreign Concept - Breaking Again feat. Naomi Olive (Original) (Critical Music)
22. Halogenix - Flames feat. Solah (Original) (Critical Music)
23. Nymfo & Riya - Something Tells Me (Computer Integrated Audio)
24. Salaryman - You Love Lifts Me Up (Ram Records)
25. Mohican Sun - Sudden Change - Dead Sea EP (Integral Records)
26. Camo & Krooked - Last of the Tribe - Mosiak Album (RAM Records)

Link below to freely available track featured in the show on the Fluid EP from ALB. Grab it if you're keen enough.

Size:195mb Time:1hr25mins13secs Datarate:320kbps DOWNLOADABLE!
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