Optimal Prime Presents - Dub Cutz Vol 19 [Essential UK DnB Podcast Show]

Optimal Prime

Specialising in the arts and crafts of Drum & Bass
Apr 4, 2013
Manchester, United Kingdom, United Kingdom

The motto of today’s mix is certainly “better late than never”, which echoes a true sentiment given our obvious elusive nature as of late and throughout quite a large part of the last year. I would say we apologise, but then the actual reality of this predicament will surely lead to more disappointment… What I should be saying once this mix is ready, is “see you guys in 2017, maybe 2018”. We all know both of us will be old, grey, completely incontinent and reliant entirely on 24 hour care before episode 25 comes out. Heck I might as well come out and just say it, “see you in the next life”. Just kiddin’ chill we’ll never disappear, here without fear. Embrace the sexy basslines and screwy noises, it’s time to shed a tear and drink a beer as we jump back on da Pioneer. A good show is like a good beer, it’s like as Guinness goes, good things come to those who wait, that much is clear COZ DUB CUTZ IS HERE.

Moving onto the important stuff. We return with yet another new exclusive from our own library of unreleased useless demos that nobody will ever hear because yet again we don’t put them on Soundcloud and leave them gathering metaphorical electronic dust in the depths of the disc space. This unknown exclusive goes under the name Optimal Prime – Sway This Way, combining a sort of deep sounding house bassline in with drum and bass. It certainly gets us moving anyway and maybe you might approve. Kyrad and R-Monix both make an all important return. I'd like to discuss them more but Soundcloud has cut the wordcount short.


1. Delta Heavy – Ascend (interlude) [Paradise Lost EP] [RAM Records]
2. Delta Heavy – Reborn [Paradise Lost EP] [RAM Records]
3. John B – Evolve [Beta Records]
4. Northern Zone – Lushsmile [Lane 93 EP] [Santorin Germany]
5. R-Monix – N Joi Bootleg Anthem Mix [Unreleased]
6. Pola & Bryson – Cinematic Fireball [Soulvent Records] FREE DOWNLOAD
7. Malaky – If You Feel (Collossus Remix) [Rush Records] FREE DOWNLOAD
8. Friction – Bring it Back feat. Stylo G
9. Muzzy ft. MYLK – Crescendo [Monstercat]
10. Culprate – Diablo VIP [Glados EP] [Inspected]
11. Icicle – Nothing ft. Tasha Baxter [Shogun Audio]
12. Calyx & Teebee – Get it Twisted [Ram Records]
13. Spor - Mind of an Insomniac ft. Icicle & Linguistics [Black Eyed EP] FREE DOWNLOAD
14. Chaser – Dark Territory [Greypost Audio]
15. Spor – Blurred Vision [Black Eyed EP] FREE DOWNLOAD
16. Fawce feat. P Fine (VIP) – Boiler Room [Retraflex Pres: Logarithmic 3] [Flexout Audio]
17. Taelimb & Consciousness – Public Eye (Survey Remix) [Retraflex Pres: Logarithmic 3][Flexout]
18. M Set ft. Drifta – All Consuming Fear (Amoss Remix) ) [Retraflex Pres: Logarithmic 3][Flexout]
19. Level 2 – Euterpe [Vandal Records]
20. Optimal Prime – Sway this Way [Unreleased]
21. Basic Forces – From the Heart FREE DOWNLOAD
22. Alix Perez – Can’t you See FREE DOWNLOAD
23. Kyrad – Beyond Escape [Unreleased]
24. Madcap – Watching You [Mind Adventures EP] [Smoothgroove Records]
25. Technimatic – Abseil [Shogun Audio]
26. Held – 5 Years (Mtwn Remix) [Retraflex Pres: Logarithmic 3][Flexout]
27. Twisted Psykie – Will to Fight [Wavevision] Inhale EP FREE DOWNLOAD

Below are the free tracks you can legally obtain.

Pola & Bryson – Cinematic Fireball
Pola-bryson – Pola-bryson-cinematic-fireball-free-download
Malaky – If You Feel (Collossus Remix)
Rush-records-dnb – Malaky-if-you-feel-colossus-remix-free-dl
Spor - Mind of an Insomniac ft. Icicle & Linguistics
Spor – Blurred Vision
Basic Forces – From the Heart
Basicforces – From-the-heart-free-download
Alix Perez – Can’t you See
Twisted Psykie – Will to Fight (Wavevision)

Filesize: 190mb Datarate: 320kbps length: 1:23:04 Downloadable: yes
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