Optimal Prime Presents - Dub Cutz Vol 16 [*DnB Podcast Show*]

Optimal Prime

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Hi people of the forum, it's been quite a while since I last posted a mix up from our main series. Managed to finally get vol 16 done and dusted and uploaded as of this weekend. If anyone fancies checking it out and does get chance to have a listen, would love to hear from ya.

Below is the spiel written up from Soundcoud.

The mighty Dub Cutz has cometh the age and has finally turned sweet 16. We apologise for any fans who might have missed the show as we haven't updated our main drum and bass series for six months. Many weeks have been spent crafting our arts on more production and just generally being busy, however we have managed to fill out a mighty fine tasty session containing 27 fresh spankers.

The banter returns and the two of us Hushcat and Multiman handle the hosting duties with special thanks to our guest James Mason for providing his own brand of stupidity in the intro and outro. Further thanks go out also to Pish Posh for providing us with an unreleased exclusive "666 Carbon", a heavy hitter, R-Monix (the legendary Irish liquid producer) for sending another unreleased soul promo Hangin' On, and finally last but not least Brando for passing over his newest label release by Miss Haze, Alien Ocean in which we decided the MK2 remix best suited the set. Furthermore we also include two of our own unreleased tracks, Drum & Bass Addict ft. Jason x and a second track (currently yet to be named).
And so the Dub Cutz 16 tracklist is as follows.

1. Dossa & Locuzzed - Tournament [MA Music]
2. Faithless - Muhammad Ali 2.0 (High Contrast Remix) [Cheeky Records]
3. Dossa & Locuzzed - Oldskool [MA Music] Beatfunk EP
4. Kritix - All of Me ft. Jenny Jones [Mayan Audio]
5. Optimal Prime - ??? TBC (Unreleased Promo)
6. High Performance - Right Here Waiting [Liquid Tones]
7. Nexus & Tight, Midnight Request - How Much I Love You (Original) [Liquid Tones]
8. Komatic - Now She's Free (Technicolour Remix) [Bassdrive Tunes]
9. Ryos ft. Allisa Rose - Ecipse (Champion & Cartoon Remix) [Enhanced Recordings]
10. Evol Intent - Scavengers Paradise (VIP)
12. Ed Rush - Scarabs [Piranah Pool Recordings]
13. False Noise - Orbits [Upscale Recordings] Razor Blade EP
14. Optimal Prime - Drum & Bass Addict feat. Jason X (original) [Ureleased]
15. Survival & Silent Witness - Scattered Movements ft. Visionobi [Dispatch]
16. Miss Haze - Alien Ocean (MK2 Remix) [Higher Level Industries]
17. Scar & Vision- Skank Demon [Dispatch]
18. Pish Posh - 666 Carbon [Unreleased Exclusive]
19. RockweII - PIease PIease PIease [PIay This on the Radio]
20. Lakeway - Don't Stop [Different Music]
21. Lakeway - Coke & Cola [Different Music]
22. Basement Jaxx - Buffalo (Dub Phizix Remix)
23. Afterthough - Legion & Logan [Program]
24. R-Monix - Hangin' On (Unreleased Exclusive)
25. Rubix - Solstice [Melted Music]
26. Ed Solo - Here I Come [Jungle Cakes]
27. Break feat. Singing Fats - Free Your Mind [Symmetry Recordings]

Length: 1hr 14min 32sec File Size: 170Mb Datarate: 320kbps MP3

Thanks for reading and hopefully listening. It's the listeners who push us to keep going. We will be back again soon.

Optimal Prime