Optimal Prime Presents - Dub Cutz Vol 12 [DnB Around The Spectrum]

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    Hi people. We just launched our next show this weekend. Hope we can get a few listens and of course feedback always welcome. General Soundcloud description spiel below with the full tracklist included also. Enjoy.​

    Hushcat & Multiman are back with the Optimal Prime speciality series, the Drum & Bass essential podcast show volume 12 and this one packs a mighty punch with a complete new roster of DnB tracks for you to get giddy over. Our regular format continues as usual, opening with the uplifting and melodic end of the liquid spectrum, following onto a darker selection before easing off into a liquid funk and deeper atmospheric DnB vibe.


    We showcase yet another little exclusive from our own productions, this time keeping it quite moody and darker. The new track goes under the name "Waterfall" and is part of a unique collaboration with a fellow student of the studio where we get down to heavy business. The interesting idea behind this track was to feature a written poem of ancient darker history hundreds of years old, originally written in Latin, before being translated, and now recorded in the context of a loose rap. Also exclusive to the mix is another brand new exclusive unreleased promo track from the one and only R-Monix, the Irish DnB producer of high quality liquid funk and soulful drum and bass music. His track goes under the title of R-Monix - Taboo ft. Marianne.


    1. Cynematic - Space City (Viper Records)
    2. Optimal Prime - Drift By (Unreleased)
    3. Alexus - What I Want (Liquid Tones) [FREE DOWNLOAD]
    4. MadUK, Nymfo - Like This (Original Mix)(Liquicity) [Galaxy of Dreams]
    5. Whiney - Don't Wait For Me (Original Mix)(Liquicity) [Galaxy of Dreams]
    6. Fractus & Darwin - Succeed (NCT Remix)(Liquicity) [Voyage EP]
    7. Hugh Hardie – Closer (Liquicity) [Voyage EP]
    8. Alister Merge & LMN3 - Beacon of Faith (Original Mix) [Toxic Loud] (Ulterior Aim EP)
    9. Lane 8 feat. Bipolar Sunshine - I Got What yon Need (Everynight) S.P.Y. Remix [Anjunadeep]
    10. Fanu - Yin Dub [Lightless Recordings] (Paracosm & Yin Dub EP)
    11. Break & Mako - What a Little Moonlight Can Do [Warm Communications] WARM30 EP
    12. Ben Karma - Silence is Golden [Titan Records] Surface pt 3 EP
    13. Optimal Prime & DMNK - Waterfall (Unreleased)
    14. Klax - Blackball [Critical Music] (Binary Vol 2 EP)
    15. Klax – Hoodrat [Critical Music] (Binary Vol 2 EP)
    16. Sudden Def - Brute Force [Titan Records] Surface Pt 3 EP
    17. Zeiph - The One You Love [Sectionz Records]
    18. Zeiph – Cosmology [Sectionz Records]
    19. Shock Tactix – Choral [FREE DOWNLOAD]
    20. Innaself - Operation X (Original Mix) [Liquid Tones] Slipstream Compilation
    21. Break - Coming 4 U (Original Mix) [Warm Communications] WARM30 EP
    22. nScape - Morning Dawn (Original Mix) ) [Liquid Tones] Slipstream Compilation
    23. R-Monix - Taboo ft. Marianne 12" [Unreleased Exclusive]
    24. Eastcolors – The Light (Beastie Respond Remix)[Demand Records] The Light EP
    25. Aved - Scarlet Decline (Remix Edit) [Another Wave Recordings] New Life EP

    Enjoy the podcast

    Length : 1Hr20Min27Sec File Size : 184MB : Bitrate 320kbps :
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