Optimal Prime Presents - Dub Cutz Vol 11 [DnB Around The Spectrum]

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The Dub Cutz show is back again with another new journey through DnB in Dub Cutz Vol 11.

We are back in action once again bringing everyone a brand new journey through the many corners of Drum & Bass music, mixing it up once more with a fresh new selection of tracks including more exclusives to this new DnB mix. Multiman returns from Mexico and is now back with myself (Hushcat) to join in on the conversation.

This time around we seem to have a deeper progression of tracks overall and the mixing remains as tight as we can get it. A brand new completed track from ourselves gets its first play exclusive under the name Infection, going down the roller end of DnB tracks with a progressing deep bassline and some original dark style vocals added from myself. In addition we also have a few more exclusives from other artists including Mavamatics who appeared briefly in the last show with his new unreleased track One Nation. A collaborative high energy and uplifting track was sent to us from Distrax who recently worked on a new one with Sophistics under the name "Sophistic N Distrax - Devotion" which is currently ureleased and exclusive. Also Higher Level Records have kindly passed on their new EP [Elevated] which has just been launched earlier this month featuring four new DnB tracks, of which we have included a couple, one of which comes from the mighty Subsonik who we've previously featured in the past. His new track "Subsonik -TBT" is a gritty oldskool sounding Amen track with a slight trancey vibe to it, and what an amazing track it is, reminding me of John B's Trance N Bass Cd complilation from years back. Lastly Brando (also on the Elevated EP) is included towards the end where things go a bit smoother and purer in the liquid end of DnB, with his new track "Brando - EM Glo". Everytime I hear this track it seems to remind me of the Resident Evil save room theme .

Finally I'd like to also thank Mike AKA Flexstyle who's kindly visited the studio during a trip to the UK all the way from Phoenix, Arizona US, and provided us with some killer material for future voice overs. Expect to hear a few in Dub Cutz Vol 11. You should check out his page on soundcloud for some awsome music too.


1. Metrik feat. Elisabeth Troy – Want My Love (Original Mix) [Hospital]
2. Sektor – Cloudwalker (Original Mix) {Galaxy of Dreams} Liquicity
3. Priority One & Two Thirds – City Needs Sleep (Original Mix) Liquicity
4. Rockwell – IneedU [Shogun Audio]
5. Dose – The Experience [Mind The Future] {Commercial Suicide Records}
6. Logistics – Polyphony {Polyphony Album} [Hospital]
7. Sophistics N Distrax – Devotion [Unreleased]
8. Optimal Prime – Step Off [Unreleased]
9. Subsonik – TBT [The Elevated EP] {Higher Level}
10. Chromatic – WARP [New Playaz] {Think Fast EP}
11. Zinc – Show Me (Calibre Remix) {Rinse}
12. Phil Tangent – Clouded Judgement [Integral Records]
13. Optimal Prime – Infection [Unreleased]
14. Black Sun & Noisia – Hideous (Optimal Prime Remix) [Unreleased Free Download]
15. Dose – Five Thieves [Mind The Future EP] {Commercial Suicide Records}
16. Dark Soul – Train To Nowhere [Scary House EP] {Disturbed}
17. Incognito – Devotion [Proximity]
18. Mavamatics – One Nation [Unreleased]
19. Cern & Overlook – Decoy {Horizons Music}
20. Utah Jazz – Clarity of Thought [Spearhead]
21. Blade – You Belong in my Arms [Red Lights EP] {Influenza Media}
22. Allthingslost – Nothin’ (Optimal Prime Remix) [Free Download]
23. Blade – You Were Just a Dream [Red Lights EP] {Influenza Media}
24. Brando – EM Glo [The Elevated EP] {Higher Level}
25. Logistics – Wanderlust [Polyphony Album] {Hospital}

Enjoy the podcast

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Optimal Prime

Specialising in the arts and crafts of Drum & Bass
Just doing a sly little bump as it's been up a few weeks now. We should be looking to get Vol 12 on the go as of this week coming.