Opportunity for Remixers


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Apr 28, 2003
Boston, MA
LawTown Records is about to release a 12" Dance Single and CD Maxi-Single of SonChild's new song "Year Round Valentine" b/w "Merry-Go-Round".

We are looking for producers who would like to create a remix to be included on the release. Excellent opportunity for those interested in bulding their resumes as a producer/remixer. We will also send you a letter of recomendation along with a copy of the release.
We are looking for "Dance Remixes" (Trance/Club/House/etc)
Even if it is only sampling the Chorus and creating a Power dance anthem.

Acapella to SonChild's songs can be found at:

Download, and take what you need to create your mix!

Then send CD-R master to:

LawTown Music
34 Berkeley Street
Suite 22
Lawrence, MA

Please be sure to include all your contact info and your name has how you would like it to appear in the production credits. Remix submissions must be recieved by Tuesday, May 9th -DEADLINE.

You may also send a finalized mp3 of the remix for review to: LawTownOnline@Comcast.net


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Nov 13, 2002
Oppurtunity for Remixers?

Oppurtunity for some free remixes , some cyncis might say.

(Sending out your own review copies?
Is this a reputable label, just out of interest?)

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