OPINIONS PLEASEEEE :D (now im on the right thread)


Mr. Blonde
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Feb 27, 2007
badlands of nc.
would like to hear the high end a bit more on your drums
bring that bass up a bit too-like the fx and stab melody-nice breakdown with twist on the beat-sounds pretty good bro


Code Monkey
Jun 21, 2007
tight where it break down around 1:20 -- I think if you layer some breaks with a lot of cymbal action on top to brighten it would add some depth -- (be sure to make them compliment the rhythm you already have set with the main break)

you could also do a switch every once and awhile with the break, this tune sounds like one of those kinda tracks, ya know?

the vocal sample is best when you hear it the second time and he says "put that in your dojo"


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Feb 16, 2007
pretty hardcore mang.

playfull sound that moves along well, keeping it interesting. didn't like the rewound filler bit around 3.30 much, but still a thumbs up.


Give it some bastard
Oct 30, 2008
Cheers for the feedback ill get round to fixin the bugs this week hopefully then ill repost it and id like another round of feedbaks plz :D
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