Opinions on my new track (PPC) please :)


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Feb 2, 2009
that was a proper idea. the tunez and the structure were all good. I was waitiing for the intro to end and all the filtered stuff to drop out and for the drums and bass to cut through and kick my arse but it didn't quite happen here. I'm a noobie so I don't know if it's my sound card or your mixing but anyway loved the tune. NICE


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Jun 9, 2008
like the breaks, drums cut through nice when it drops, think u need to take some of the low end out of your kick drum though. nice ideas in this, maybe a bit of variation would do it good rather than the same synth melody?


Give it some bastard
Oct 30, 2008
yeah thanks for the feedback guys ill be sure to do give u some when i get the chance, i am gonna go back to the mix n liven it all up a bit but i wanted to see the general verdict first cus ive spent weeks on tracks i really shouldnt have lol ;p
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