Drum & Bass Opinion on this new tune

It's good but you need to work on your mixdown (like the rest of us lot, eh?)

Too much bass in the kick (EQ or HPF it) You really want it to hit hard around 80Hz IMO, not 50Hz.

Snare is a little splashy or something (wow, that's helpful :crazy:, I'm sure)

I'd give more treblish range (maybe as low as 1KHz) to that bass sound to give it more presence in the mix as the harmonics that I DO hear are very nice.

Very beautiful progression on the drop - as I listen again I feel like the bass filter could open up more. Listen to "Scan Me" and "Diamonds Shine" by Utopia on the Breed Label (sub label of Spor's Lifted)

Really great musical work though - that's the fun part, the tough part is conforming to the industry standard "sound."

- J.P.

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Sweet tune! Nice, relaxing, sort of dark. Pretty much ideal, love tunes like that !

Musically this is very good I think :) I can't give you to much feedback on mixdown stuff as I am still learning myself really! But one thing I would say is that I feel the snare isn't quite right as Lucider said. In some parts it sounds ok but all throughout the track I think you need to use a EQ to give it a bit of a boost. I couldn't tell you what Hz to boost confidently (I THINK around 200ish) but just use a spectrum analyzer and make sure you are getting it most around the centre area. Hope that makes sense ! :lol:

Nice tune man :)


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Snare should have more presence for sure. Pitch kick's sub a bit up and you should have a nice stable chilled tune.

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Get a soundcloud account mate, youtubes sound compression is horrible. Mixdown is all over the place.

What someone was saying about EQin your kick? I'd boost at around 120hz (I do this to almost all of my kick drums) Anything below around 100hz, if you boost in this area you are just enhancing the real low end of the kick, which causes problems when it comes to the bass work. So Boost at about 120hz, and cut anything below about 70-80hz on your kick, this will leave plenty of room for the sub bass. And if you make a sharp notch cut at 120hz on your bass, they wont conflict with each other at all.