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Jun 9, 2008
ez all

got a rough track started the other day called 'droom' on the soundclick.

im looking for advice on how to make the amens around the one minute mark more rolling and fluid

im also keen to hear how any of you would change the track, what you would do to let it progress, or any suggestions you have.

all input welcome, peace (y)
Tbh mate (an dont take this the wrong way) i rekon u should scrap this project an move on to your next one.
I can offer advice, but there's more work here than just the direction and the flow of the amens, get yourself some tutorials (the internet is your friend just ask google anythin, an you will more than likely find an answer), find stuff on layering drums an learn how to spot wats in and out of key, the strings clashed wiv the bassline on many occasions, it all sounds a lil raw too. I take it you havent been producing long???
My advice if u wanna take it or not lol, just keep churnin out the tunes at your early stages cause after every tune you make, you learn a lil more than u did before an after a while u can go back to older projects an tart em up with the new ideas you've learnt.
Seriously tho, dont take me the wrong way we all have to begin somewhere just keep at it an dont feel disheartened from wat i said its all constructive!

Safe, happy tune making! ;)
ye fair comment man it is pretty rough, i agree with everything u have said apart from the bassline clashing, cant hear that at all, and i can tell when its out cos iv been involved with music for ages...

at 1.35 the first string notes sort of clash but that is intentional

thanks for taking the time to listen tho. i listened to fuck it earlier and thought it was very very niiice

cant wait to hear the finished version (y)
Nice one mate i hear ya on the clashin thats the bit i thought was a bit iffy. I heard the rest of your tracks btw, i gave that post after only hearin the first one so i can hear u got some good ideas in your tunes, just need to work on tightenin up the production. saftey man take it easy!
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