Open Skies - Deep in your eyes EP (Rivit 1231)


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Mar 4, 2002
This was a record I wanted for a long time. I never thought I'd actually score it but I did, as an Xmas present!!!

Does this record need an introduction??? Well maybe so as there aren't too many ppl like myself out there with a mad lust for chipmonked female vocals and hyperfast breakbeats.

The big tune here is "OZONE NIGHTS"! A beatiful jungle tekno tune with some really nice percussion and of course chipmonk vocals that go....

"IT WOULD BE Ohhhhh!!! Soooooooo Niiiiiiiiiiice! To be with you! To be wiiiiiith you"


And of course the beautiful "Ain't know way that the crowd can sit down" Rakim chipmonk is present and accounted for.

Probably the most beautiful moment in this tune is when the ultra high octave rave keys start playing with the "Owwwwww hoooooo" vocal in the background. :slayer: This tune hits it in all the right places and makes me very happy!

Next up is "Stop the music!" which is very fast and extremely crazy. It seems to sample the Ray Keith remix of Orbital's "Chime" which is cute. My complaint with this one is that at times theres just way too much going on at once which seems to make things sound muddy. Other then that its a pretty good peak time track to play along side other tunes like Soap Bar 001 and that sort.

The title track of the EP is "Deep in your eyes". Its a decent track and even has pop appeal. Theres lots of change ups here although it seems to be riding on the coat tails of 2 Bad Mice's remix of Blame's "Musik takes you" as it sounds very simmilar.

Lastly theres "Mellow Flow" which sounds like Open Skies stab at the Progressive House sound (another rocking techno style in 1992). I like this track alot unfortunatly I know next to nothing about progressive house from 1992 other then what I hard in a 1992 progressive mega mix (which didn't have a track listing).

Good good good stuff on this record!

I rate this record: 9/10
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