Drum & Bass OOOOOSMOOOSSIISS Presents: Concentration 2. JUUMP UP NUTTYNESS

Ez Kru,

Welcome to Concentration 2!
This time round I had a more than a few beverages and played whatever I wanted, this kinda means I jump round the genres pretty quick and my well hidden love for mainstream shit has been revealed so tracklist probs wont go down well :lol: but I was hyping the whole time so I hope that comes across.

I hope you enjoy it! Feedback is always welcome.

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Evil Face - Dominator and Flat T
Soundboy VIP - Hamilton
Dubplate Killa - DJ Hype
Riff Raff - DJ Marky & S.P.Y
Oo Baby - Sub Zero
Dreams VIP - Turno
Hovercraft - Zen
Fill Yer Boots - N3GUS
Moving With You (Die Interface And Williams Cartwright Remix) - Netsky
Killer's Don't Die - DJ Hazard
Pimp, Don't Limp - Original Sin
Code Of The Samurai - DJ Sly
Mind Body & Soul - Dominator and Flat T
Tap Ho - TC
Stand Up - Friction, Camo & Krooked
Timewarp - Sub Focus
Nosher (Barons Remix) - Total Science
Ra (Original Sin Remix) - Ebony Dubsters
Not Even Close - Serjah 9
Bright Lights (Rockers Remix) - Die, Interface, William Cartwright
All That Jazz - DJ Fresh
Vault - Pendulum
Smash TV - Chase & Status
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - High Contrast
Transporter - Logistics
Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix) - The Prodigy
Gangsta - Total Science & S.P.Y
We Can Have It All (Sigma Remix) - Danny Byrd
Red Mist VIP - Danny Byrd
Gold Rush (feat. Brookes Brothers) - Danny Byrd