Drum & Bass Ontherun "Dark Overcast" SEATTLE Local

Ontherun " Overcast"

Hey guys im from seattle and im very new to this forum.

A little about me....

I was born and raised in Seattle Wa. I started listning to drum and bass since i was 14 and i am currently 26. At that time i also started djing and messing around with fl studio and eventually decided in the last couple years to shift more to production then djing.

I come from a raining city full of grime and industrial areas that most do not think of seattle. And that place is full of some of the best graffiti ive scene and some of the most inspirational areas for a drum and bass head like myself.

Sometimes on the weekends I treat myself to a late night stroll in the industrial parts of Seattle where i am alone with just my imagination running wild accompanied by a great drum and bass mix that truly enchants the whole expierence.

i love drum and bass and this is what had manifested from that love


thanks alot guys for checking this out, i look forward to getting to know you all through the forums as i have much to learn and share!

peace gabe
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Mr Fletch

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Welcome to the forum mate, 1st thing I'd suggest is signing up to soundcloud, its free and a great place to host your music. You can embed wavforms from there, straight into your posts here so peeps can listen to your track without having to click a link to another site. I know one click to another site isnt much, but peeps be lazy y'know ;)

Tracks got some nice ideas, can definately feel how the industrial area has influenced you in your music, very metallic sounding beats and pads. I like this quite alot actually, theres a few bits that need some work, but not too much!
Thank you very much, I do have a soundcloud with other tunes up
but i needy to tidy it up a bit and upload the final versions.

And im always up for critisim, infact its how we get better!
so feel free!

much love, seattle
Well guys heres the 2nd of many songs to come that i have uploaded to youtube with a video of inspriing pictures.
The song was remixed and edited in fl studio 9 with ni massive and albino 3. It was fun doing this one.

The thing about this track was that i had been insprired by bootlegs of vocals that would be mixed with drum and bass loops during live dj sets so i decided to remix this luaren hill track in honor of that.

Ive got more songs to come just keep out on the look out!

please feel free to critique or ask questions!

thanks for the support seattle!!!!