DnB Only You [Reese Bass]


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Jan 6, 2010
Hi everyone,
I submit to you my last track made ​​on Reason 5. I went many
time and it is the bass that I have posed the most problems. Your feedback is very imprtant to me so do not hesitate to let me know;)
Thanks and enjoy!

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Hi mate. Just a quick heads up: you want to be posting this in the 'New Talent and Track Reviews' sub-forum. I'm sure a mod will move it for you.
My feedback would primarily be that there are some really good ideas here, and I think the bass is very accomplished. However I think the drums need work... both in their punchiness and it's really important to fill the spectrum with your drums - I wouldn't say this is happening at the mo. Maybe try A-B ing with a tune that's been released and see where your tune is lacking. But yea - nice sounds.
Thank you for your response.
I'd actually make the same comment on my drum but I do absolutely no knowledge regarding the spectrum. How does he?
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