Drum & Bass Only Lyrics: "No moment's better than this". What is this tune?!

I used to have this tune on iTunes but iTunes lost my music and i had to start again from scratch.
This tune is mainly Deep Liquid D&B with some elements of Neurofunk too...

It's similar to 'Conduct - Eternally' or so I think and keep telling myself but i'm unsure nonetheless!
Towards the beginning, just before it transitions from the intro, the tempo slows down and it sounds industrial for a couple of seconds until it drops and the tempo rises back to normal.

The track has similarities to artists such as: Total Science, DJ Marky & XRS, Halogenix...

The 'neuro' elements in the track have sort of a two-tone squelch as well.

If anyone has found it or thinks they have found it, please comment below and also, thanks for taking the time in reading this.
Driving me nuts trying to remember this tune!!