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Hello Fellow WebCasters, Are currently doing a promotion that is simply mindblowing,

Any new order placed on our site with coupon code loudcity is slashed in half, thats right in half.

You order 100 slots @ 128kbps for £55.00 and enter that coupon it cuts in half to £27.50 how amazing is that. Premium bandwidth for such a small cost.

Now you may be wondering how how is this possible we first off we don't use any of those Dedicated Server companies around ie, FDC,OVH,Burstnet or any other overselling company we have made agreements with XO in Oregon for transit there, and for Europe well we have that covered aswell with 100mbit links in our UK Maidenhead Facility you are covered entirely. So your covered whichever location you choose.

If you want a 48hour test period to try out the server, sure no problem email us at someone will gladly assist you. Or why not contact us on one of the following im systems

AIM : rentaserv
Skype : rentaserv