Online or In store?

Online or In store?

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Gotta be instore all day long, i used to love that feeling of walking into what ever shop with few notes, have a good listen and just spunking the lot.
i do both...

online you can get a lot of tunes that you cant in the shop.......and a lot more for ya money

in the shop i chat with my mate behind the counter about what hes been up to etc, generally socialise with them and then buy some tunes....
Thats what else i should have mentioned, the banter.

My local shop was Boogie Times in Romford Essex, home of Suburban Base.

Behind the counter Danny Breaks (Droppin' Science/sonz of a loop da loop era) worked with Winston (Run Tings) got to know those two quite well, then a long haired geezer used to get behind the decks now and again

He turned out to be Andy C, also got to know Hype via the shop as he was on Sub Base and MC Special A, who is now Ashley Nightbreed and also Andy C's driver.

When Breaks & Winston stopped working there Zinc started to work there alongside DJ Ash from Kool FM, got to know those two quite well too....miss that shop, and the saturday afternoon vibe in there..............RIP Boogie Times.
I've done exactly the same and decided that online was the way forward.

Plus records cost around £7:00 - £8.00 each in stores. I easily spend around £40 - £60 a month on records and the money goes further online..

I order mainly from redeye and 9 out of 10 times they arrive the following day (sometimes when I've placed the order at 5pm)

yer redeye offer a good service but if a vinyl is warped or woteva it is a long process to sort out and ive personally never bothered...

record shops can never cater for every1's tastes as the stock they hold is very expensive and theyre market is limited to locals rather than online being on a much larger retail scale so they can afford to keep stock of niche market styles or rare tunes because they are more likely to sell it and they sell alot so they can hold alot of stock...

if im honest its all about both... depends on how im feeling... i usually go down a shop for a promo or to have a general browse... if theres a popular tune out i like i will go hmv for it cos they sell vinyl cheaper than anywhere else, but if i cant get it there or blackmarket then redeye... if im being lazy i will go for online shopping regardless...

global marketplace is such a beautiful thing.
i use bit of both, Banquet Records in kingston is 5 mins walk from my flat, they are good for new releases but their back catalogue is just whatever hasn't sold in the last 3 years
i use online...the only in store shop i go to is chemical records in bristol, thing is redeye and nu urban get promos at least a week before usually....dont understand tho some shops seem to get promo's well early, someone said they saw jakes-haters and taxman-evasion at their shop....
anyone know any other good record shopsa in the bristol area that are good for snatching up new promos?
I got 2 good local record shops within 10 minutes walkin distance from my house so theres always a good chance i can find what i'm looking for between the 2. If not then online is the other option but usually ends up being more expensive due to postage and competitive pricing between local shops. Online can also be handy for getting promos off labels own websites where you can quite often get em a couple of weeks before the shops do.
i definately prefer in store, especially because the guys behind the counter at my favourite shops know what i like and pull out loads of records for me, they usually sort me out with discount too if i spend a bit so it works out cheaper than buying online. it's also more personal, and wicked havin chats about everything music related! however, some things are hard to find in shops, so my fave online stores are dswat and hardcore distortion, i enjoy shopping at dswat because armin is wicked!
i end up buying some rough ass tunes in shops - i mean when i get home i think Why did i buy this shitpiece?

yeah i get that too when i go DMT in bristol. if joe's about he'll let me listen to vinyl over the proper system, so tracks i wouldn't normally bother with sound wicked n i end up buying em and gettin em home like wtf? lol
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