Online Mastering Service

Hi Guys,

Glad to have stumbled across this forum it looks great. I'm aware there are various online mastering services contributing to the forum however a bit of competition never did anyone any harm :)

We run an online mastering service called Phat Mastering.

Over the years we have built good working relationships with a number of top studios and engineers. Each of them are good at mastering a specific kind of genre so we always guarantee that the right engineer will be used for the track in hand. We also encourage high communication between the artist and our engineers as this always reaps the best results.

We have had nothing but good feedback for the service we provide.

Kindly check out our rates here

We are also offering people in this forum the opportunity to master one track for FREE with no obligation.

Feel free to contact us should you require further info.

Hey Guys,


Without providing you with a full kit list, all our engineers operate in proper studios using industry standard hardware (using names like Valve, Auralex, Roland, Mackie etc.) and also some suitable software.

We let our clients judge the quality of our service.

Prices vary from $10 - $190 it really depends who you master with. You obviously get what you pay for, although we'd like to think at $30 a pop, you are getting a quality service in Phat Mastering.

Feel free to get in touch for more info.

Also, check out our blog for various mixing and mastering tips.