Online DNB Mix 12-05-02


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Dec 23, 2002
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01-John B and Libby Picken-Electrofreek(Epic Killah Mix)
02-Chris SU and SKC-Black Out
03-Styles of Beyond-Subculture(Dieselboy and Kaos Vip)
04-Klute-Unwind Yourself
05-John B-Dream On
06-D.Kay and Epsilon-Where We Stand
07-Carlito-Feel My Love
08-Ils-No Soul(High Contrast Mix)
09-High Contrast-Music is Everything(Danny Byrd Mix)
10-D.Kay-Quite Earth
11-Seba and Aaron Phirl-Neophunk
12-D.Kay and Epsilon-Barcelona
13-US3-Get Out(Marky and XRS Instrumental Mix)
14-Badfellas and CK-Soc It To Me(Peshay Mix)

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Mar 21, 2002
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Maybe in the States but its DEFINATELY not out in the UK. Seems strange that theyd do that tho cos its coming on a British label so why would they release it in the States first? Unless it came on a different label over there? Any other Americans shed any light on this? :confused::
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