online dnb label looking for producers and soundmasterers

hmm...Its a cool idea...I think it would be more interesting to make an online cd distribution have people pay a small fee per song to be placed on a CD R. Like heres all the songs we have...pick out what u want...$1 each or whatever. To have free mp3s, a producer might as well just upload said track onto any old server, like they've been doin. Thats my opinion anyway....
I'm interested as well, don't think I'm putting down your idea or anything, I was just interested in some of the finer points. The more exposure the better, and the better for the scene in general. Maybe I'll be sending in a few of my things for evaluation in the near future :)
Til then good luck, and I hope to see this develop into a strong avenue for up + coming producers.
first release it up on the site...i like the way you packaged it with the artwork and everything...looks really professional...very nice... :slayer:
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