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    On Monday the 23rd of August at 7pm bst we at Audio Therapy DNB UK Radio are having an online chat with Pendulum would be nice to have you all there.
    From the 24th of September we will be running our radio station from The Dance Academy in Plymouth UK from 10pm till 4am bst This night will feature Mampi swift,Mickey Finn, Doc Scott, Daisy,Quest, Trex,Jynx,
    Mc's Foxy, Fatman.
    THe show will be run on the last friday in every month
    in the backroom leaders of the newskool, this is up and coming DJ's if you have any up and coming contact for details.
    Our web address is and you will have to sign up for the news letter to get the password for the chatroom.
    Audio Therapy is a fully licenced station
    Thanks J-Damm