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Feb 1, 2004
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Eazy crew & crewesses,

Considering we've been runnin for a year we have decided to share our latest newsletter with everyone. If you wanna join the mailing list check the site & drop us an e-mail. Enjoy the read.

+ Issue: DCALET008
+ Date: 04/04/2004


Startin this issue with a reminder. You can catch the Deceptive Audio show on every Sunday from midnight (GMT). Worldwide times are as follows:

00:00 GMT, 01:00 CET, 14:00 HST, 17:00 MST, 19:00 EST, 08:00 PRC, 09:00 ROK, 13:00 NZ

>>>DCA002 Promos soon, audio clips now

For those that don't know. DCA002 is about to land in a record shop near you. Maximum goes out to 3D Mode for another tight tight TIGHT production. The A Side brings you vocals featuring MC Biggie with Fresh & Funky, while the flip takes it a little easier with the simply gorgeous Sherbet Re-Dipped. We now have audio clips on the site... So... What you waitin for?

>>>Studio Mix CD Sleeves

As mentioned in the last newsletter. The CD sleeves are available NOW for download. Those of you that enjoyed the mix so much you burned it. It comes in 2 flavaz, Original & Alternative to suit your own taste. Special thanks have to go out to Paul Reset of Nerve Productions who kindly stepped up & is hosting the sleeves on the Nerve site Check out the Nerve site there's MP3s for everyone there.

>>>The Biggie interview - If you missed the show, here's the type up (Audio later)

If you locked in to the DCA show on 15th Feb you'd have caught the exclusive Biggie interview. We've finally got the edited version for you to check. Note: Biggie is still waiting for Street Fighter challenges.

>>>Playing games in the name of research

Well that's what FuZion calls it. Head DCA man sits down with a joypad & a few cans in the worst excuse ever for "testinig" a game. This time around, it's Prince of Persia, The Sands of Time from UbiSoft.


To celebrate our first year DCA has upped the prize for our current compo. During the last month or so the prize for our second compo has been raised from 5 copies of DCA002 to 10 (TEN) copies up for grabs. The best bit is, you don't even have to answer a question. Just e-mail in to us & we'll throw your name in a hat (Well, probably a cap actually). The compo is still runnin until 1st May 2004 so get em in.

>>>Window shopping

Later this week you will be able to purchase DCA releases direct from the site. We've grabbed a handful of DCA001s from our distributor (Noise Distribution). For our first birthday we will be coming up with some sort of DCA001 offer, not sure exactly what yet & you will be able to grab a LIMITED (And that's an understatement) number of DCA002 promos before they're sent out. Keep em peeled for the shop.

>>>Pic of the month

Starting very soon is a simple 'Pic of the month'. We don't have one yet but if you have any candidates for this, send em in & we'll check em out. No readers wives please, some of them are upsetting ;o)

>>>Watch the banners

Need we say more. A warm welcome goes out to Hazard & his label as our first banner hits the site ( )

Catch you on the chatroom, FuZion @ DCA.

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