One-Nation The Valentine's Back2Back Special 2005 live @ Brixton Academy.


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Jun 6, 2008
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One-Nation The Valentine's Back2Back Special 2005 live @ Brixton Academy. (12.02.2005).

Pic of pack:

1. Andy C B2B Hype. MC's Det & Fearless:

2. Fabio B2B Grooverider. MC's GQ, Foxy & Det at the end:

3. Lemon D. MC's Skibadee & Shabba:

4. Bad Company (Vegas). MC Herbzie (wasn't even on the line-up but teared it!)

5. Ray Keith. MC's Eksman, IC3, Fun & Shabba BIG SET!:

6. Mampi Swift B2B Friction. MC's IC3 & Dynamite:

7. Zinc:

*ATTENTION*! Unfortuantely there is also a ZINC set from this pack that I cannot find for love nor money! If you have this CD then plz upload asap as you could complete the pack! You could have the missing link under your bed! Neways enoy peeps, peace..........................
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oh i remember this pack, sat in my room for hours avin a few beers and spliffs while i listened to this, zinc is a good set from this pack, worth a listen like.
I have that CD pack, the Bad Company has some big tunes that I need I.D'd but my "mate" has had them for ages. If a tracklisting for Fabio & Grooverider, Zinc and Bad Company can be done I would really appreciate it.

Thanks for them though, I'll have them while I try to get my pack back.
Sapnin pplz nice to see I go away for a weekend , come bk n pplz r sharing the drumz n bass luv! MASSIV RESPECT out to spoox for uploadin the zinc set so pplz now can listen to the whole pack. Sweet to evry1 that sed thanks makes it all pack to come up v.soon...............PEACE!...................
zinc t/l:

1. Shy FX - Plastic Soul
2. Total Science - Greatest Thing
3. Zinc - ??
4. Pendulum ft. Spyda and Tenor Fly - Tarantula
5. Mr. L - Back To Your Roots
6. Adam Freeland - We Want Your Soul (Ed Rush & Optical Remix)
7. ? - sounds like Chase & Status
8. D-Bridge & Vegas - True Romance VIP
9. Zinc feat. Eksman - Drive By Car
10. Clipz - Slippery Slopes
11. Blame - Solar Burn
>>>Rawhill Cru - Mo' Fire
12. ? - I should know this, I've heard it a million times
13. Zinc feat. Dynamite MC - Creeper
14. Sub Focus - X-Ray
>>>Fresh - All That Jazz
15. ?
16. ?
17. ?
18. ?
19. Q Project - Champion Sound (Total Science HCWND Remix)
20. Chase & Status - Wise Up (Remix)
21. ?
22. ?
23. Trevelyn & Icarus - Fruit X
24. ?
25. Konflict - Messiah (Noisia Remix)

just skimmed it
Hi have u got the whole pack spoox? Could u upload to mediafire please as megaupload always gives me download limit exceeded!!! Cheers
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