One Nation last night


Set of the night had to be either Mampi or Zinc b2b Friction.

Zinc was tearing it apart with two copies of Follow my vision sending Dynamite crazy, thumping basslines throughout !
I know a lot of people were thinking they are just another b2b combination but these guys really work well together on stage!

London Electricity Live was amazing, they were on for an hour but i only caught the last few tracks, Life is Beautiful, Different Drum and one other that the name has left me.

The production on this event was huge, biggest Nation so far, loads of Plazma screens on stage, usual dancers and Funktion One was sounding crystal clear as usual.

Pictures and Full Review Coming up Soon

Anyone else reach ?

DJ Lordward

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I didn't go but i thought the line up looked phat. As soon as i saw Zinc b2b Friction on the flyer i had 2 make a thread about it on ere, so good to see they didn't disappoint!
How were the other sets?- Bailey? Adam F? Fresh? Pendulum? Andy C?
Gotta say it was a phat nite - ears still ringing today from too much speaker hugging!

London Elektricity played an amazing set - Different Drum, Spread Love, Billion Dollar Gravey, Water Feature :love:, Come Dancing and Fast Soul music (I think...) and maybe one or two others. Definately the highlight of the night for me, shame it was so early on and only 45mins long :/

Bailey managed to slot himself one of the first sets, playing to what looked like about 20 people lol. Managed to miss so many of the sets I wanted to see through out the nite like zinc & pendulum, but Adam F and Andy C both played quite nice crowd pleasers. The 'Rider came played quite a stonker of a set, a lot of which seemed to be straight from the DNBA cd....

That little jungle area near the entrance was letting rip some classics when some of the 'circus-set' became too much, a much needed every so often. Overall though - was a blinder of a night with much less attitude than I was expecting from a partied out crowd from carnival. :thumbsup: