One Massive 2012 Mix!

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    Hey all!

    One Massive is a group of friends/producers/artists who gathered to one place to share updates and news about Drum & Bass. We're all local to the West Coast in California! This mix is a compilation of all the tunes that got us moving this year and I hope you enjoy! <3


    Calyx & Teebee - Elevate This Sound [Ram Records]
    Enei & EastColors - 2012 [Critical]
    Mefjus - Far Too Close [Neodigital]
    Culture Shock - Troglodyte [Ram Records]
    S.P.Y. - Wall of Mirrors [Hospital Records]
    Wilkinson - Direction [Ram Records]
    Enei - Trainchaser [Critical]
    Subwave - Aeeeh [Metalheadz]
    Amoss - Tripped [Horizons Music]
    S.P.Y & Kasra - Surface VIP [Critical]
    Corpz & Sub Reflex - I Will Be Legendary [XEX Audio]
    Technimatic - Solace [Shogun Audio]
    DJ Marky & S.P.Y. ft. Riya - Piano Funk [Toolroom Records]
    SpectraSoul - Sometimes We Lie [Shogun Audio]
    Zero T - Roxy Music [Dispatch]
    Hybrid Minds - Lost [AudioPorn]
    Calyx & Teebee ft. Kemo - Pure Gold [Ram Records]
    John Rolodex - Clutch [Machinist Music]
    S.P.Y. - See The Light [Hospital Records]
    Xtrah - Eradicate [Subtitles UK]
    Octane & DLR ft. Break - Murmur [Dispatch]
    Emperor - Smokescreen [Neodigital]
    Calyx & Teebee - Skank [Ram Records]
    Amoss - Real Talk [Horizons Music]
    Clarity & Overlook - Chinatown [Free Download]
    SpectraSoul - Organiser (Foreign Concept Remix) [Critical]
    DRS ft. Dub Phizix - Playing With Fire [Soul:R]
    DJ Marky & S.P.Y. - Last Night [Innerground Records]
    Die & Break - Grand Funk Hustle [Digital Soundboy]
    Duoscience - No One Told Me [Soul Deep Records]
    Quadrant - Scandal [CIA Records]
    Foreign Concept - Mob Justice (Enei Remix) [Critical]
    Amoss - Footloose VIP [Horizons Music]
    Need For Mirrors - D.F.T.F. [Metalheadz]