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Dec 28, 2008
Here's a short clip from my bands first gig. We play a sort of funky, punky, dnb. This clip is taken near the start where we're just getting into it, unfortunately the full-on drum n bass stuff wasn't recorded. That's me on drums. Enjoy!

this was your first gig? It's in someones living room, haha reminds me of gigs with my old grindcore band.
we used to have gigs in peoples living rooms too, an audience of like 6 people haha.
one time we got "booked" on someones birthday, we came with about 8 people including "crew" and there were only 5 people present at the party haha.
sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! keep it up =)
Heheh it's actually a little cafe.. and we had about 15 people (including the other band and their friends, but hey, they didn't leave :P)
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