one 2 many labels on me record!


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Dec 19, 2008
Mr postman came to work this morning with some nice new vinyl for me.. one of which was sigma - el pres vip!(finially i have this now!)
Sadly tho it had 2 labels on it for some reason?
this ever happened to anyone?
only ever seen this before with fresh darliks/temple of doom!

I picked the badly placed extra label off it but it has left some skank behind on the vinyl..
any recomendation on how best to clean this up?
Alcohol cleaning fluid , they use it on the printers at work to remove the sticky shit left behind when they take stickers off them

i expect voddy would do the same thing altho thats 1/2 strength!!
cheers man! we got a storage room full of shit for our printers! lets see if i can locate and pilfer some!
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