On your average tune how many different tracks do you have?


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May 15, 2011
I'm just interested! I know my current style is quite minimal but I only really average at about 25 different tracks. (By tracks I mean Instruments, Audio, etc.)

I just wonder as when I watch some of these masterclass producer videos they have like, gazillions of bits and bobs going on! :lol:
I got 99 tracks cos a bitch deleted 1. Honestly about the same, 25-30. That's not limited to. If I pushed my cpu I could have treble that but don't need to. I sometimes render tracks for processing and then keep the others in there, but muted, in case I want to change something. I bring in templates or drum racks set out in a group adding another 5 tracks. By the time the track is complete It would have slightly less from 45-55. The range varies.
My most recent track - which has to be my favourite and most proud work so far has about 50 tracks- basically all audio ones as well as my macbook cant handle too much cpu from plugins.
Although you don't need loads- the more sounds you have in your track - even if they are just really subtle, surely makes things all the more interesting for the listener- as long as each sound adds something cool and blends nicely
It varies from track to track. I've had a track that sounded full, and got good feedback here, that consisted of about 7 elements in total! Yet I've had others that have had around 60+
20 to 80 at a guess. depends on a lot of factors. drums alone usually takes up to 20.
Wow man, its cool to see how some people use such a different amount! And 20 on drums Aid! I think I am usually about 6 on drums :lol:
Varies from track to track but generally about the same as you, if you're counting sends/buses that goes up significantly.
- about three kicks
- three or four snares (some layered, some FX snares) + reverse snare
- I try to get in a couple of layers of hats, each with 2 to 6 different samples
- two rides, one short and one long
- three breaks
- any number of percussive hits, this is where shit can go nuts, each layer can have three to six samples from the same instrument
- a few crashes, lately I've only been using two, a 'thin' one and a 'splashy' one which I reverse

Other shit:
- a few versions of a pitched down perc / e-tom sample for the main bass
- 3xosc X 2, one clean sub, one heavily processed top end
- pads, if sampled there's two to four different tracks right there
- atmospherics, rain, waterfall, jungle noises
- risers
- white noise track for sweeps
- insidental FX, usually quite a few

This shit adds up in the end.
Think it does depend on the track......How many do you think pulp fiction had???,,,,,,,

I could use about 12 on my drums alone...but i use reason so contain them all in ONE conbinator...so hence turning 12 tracks into one in the sequencer (which makes things easier to keep on top of)

I only ever use one for mu subs.....But my subs are processed to fuck, before being laid down.

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Let me break it down a bit.....

drums.....i usually starta track by creating a drum patten.....i always start with kicks

kicks.....x3 layered (1 low, 1 mid rang-ish, one snappy sounding) then process the 3 together until ive got a nice sounding punchy kick...so thats three layers straight way

snares....X2-4.....depends on the sound...but always never use less than two....i just load up two random snares and play about with them until i like it, then i add a long snare (sssshhhh) and add a slight reverb and echo thats barely noticable to add depth to the overall sound.....then i may add another snare or clap as the track progresses to add variationto the tune......so thats another 2-5 tracks.

Then i always add 2 amen breaks...ive got a low sounding one that i always layer in my drums to thicken up the mix....then i'll go throught some preset amens until i find one that fits in the mix and process until the drums fuse nicely....so another 2 tracks here...thats upto 10 tracks already.

Next i'll add another break, one with plenty of top end (hats, rims, perc, etc)....ill drop out the kick and snare slightly so as not to overpower the drums so far, then cut the lows and beef up the top end a bit......another track.

Then theres a track for crashes, reverse crashes, a mini rise before the drops.....this could be another 2-5 tracks.

............So as you can see just the drums alone could be up to 20 tracks.

But if your happy with a sound and its only 2tracks dont add tracks for the sake of it.....theres no rules......i could make 30 track drum patten and thena one track sub and it'll sound fine.....or maybe 5 track bassline (synths, sub, saws ect) and use one track for a lead or melody

My effects use a lot of tracks also....i always think effects are often over-looked in importance.....Theres loads of threads on drums, breaks, subs ect....but not many on effects, i think the right effects can make the difference between a killer and a shitter.
I could use about 12 on my drums alone...but i use reason so contain them all in ONE conbinator...so hence turning 12 tracks into one in the sequencer (which makes things easier to keep on top of)

By that logic i only have 1 tracks.
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