Omni Trio - Thru The Vibe (John B remix)

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Apr 10, 2003
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Thru The Vibe
Another classic is called upon once again for the remix treatment, & the one called John B steps up to take on this challenge. You may remember his last outing on 'Moving Shadow' with his thunderous re-take of 'Blame's essential 'Music Takes You'.
John opt's for his trademark uplifting delayed piano chords & squelchy FX to raise this one from it's cradle, & slowly but oh so comfortably he manages to establish a great sense of euphoria from the intro all the way through the playful shakers, & into the electrified reese that explodes between a sweet female vocal & some low end synths.
Some well built chord progressions float along soulfully underneath the reese before dropping out of the mix & becoming replaced by a huge drum pattern with some serious snare work, that carries this track to a whole new level.
The cymbals shiver across each snare hit & relay to the under-lying hi-hats to keep switching up & down in pitch to create a new groove every four to eight bars. This plays havoc on the ear when you try to listen to each element individually as your never to sure whats going to flip next.
The cruel reese bass wraps its nasty claws around any sound it can find & then slivers away, until one of the grueling snares pulls it straight back in for your enjoyment a few more times.
The crisp filter drops are a pleasure to hear & really help to introduce the vocals & misty synths back into the track, mainly drifting above the drum beat & into each other.
The beats are razor sharp & the constant step this remix creates is well planned, & intentionally atmospheric to regain some of the magic from the 93' classic.
John B is a producer who shows his worth through each release, & this remix (even though it is another remix) has a touch of class from beginning to end.
If you can't wait for the release date check out 'Moving Shadows 02.2' as it's one of the feature tracks on the mix CD.

Overall 8.5/10 :slayer:


android funkster
May 6, 2003
what a tune, too bad when I got the promo it was so badly damaged from shipping I had to send it back :-x
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