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Mar 21, 2002
Bored at Work
Just been speakin to a girl I used to go to college with, and shes just told me the darkest story!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was her birthday last week so her family took her for a meal at an Indian restaurant. They had the meal and all was well until later that night she woke up with an urgent case of the shits! Nothing surprising there, but the next morning she was still shitting like a pigeon and now had severe stomach cramps to go with it!!! Anyway, after a day of suffering her dad took her to the hospital where they proceeded to carry out loads of tests/examinations etc. Unfortunately, nothing could quite prepare her for what they were about to tell her!!!! Basically they did some sort of test on her stomach contents (or something, I aint too medical!) and found not 1, not 2, but 33 different types of semen in her stomach from the curry!!!!!!!!!!! :puke: :puke: :puke:
Needless to say, she wont be eating curry again anytime soon!!!!

(btw this isnt an attack on Indians/restaurants/curries or anything, I just thought it was quite funny/dark)

V Matt

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Aug 16, 2002
London Town
Is she a slut? Maybe it was already there before the curry!

If that's true, that's fucking nasty. I don't know if I'd go round broadcasting it if that happened to me though.

Doesn't sound very true though, it probably would have been all shat out or digested. And who the fuck tests people's stomach contents for sperm?


This is Dog Fort
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Nov 29, 2001
HHAHAHAHA!! Thats quality :lol:

.. And also quite sick :repuke:

I reckon she's a slut tho, no offence mr Mulla.

Nov 1, 2002
she is a slut.

she has hiv.

she is femail.

she is a bitch.

she should be fuked den forgoten bout.

she should get a slap and a tickle.


Feb 5, 2002
Estonia Massif
haha pigeon shit hahaha

are you saying that pigeons shit loads?!?!?,uahhaha

too bad for the case:( but....maybe the cook isa perv and u know...spanks his and his staff's monkeys there?in the kitchen?
sry but....maybe she really was bitchin round the neighbourhood door to door and then thought that itsa great time to have a break and eat some curry?



Sep 3, 2002
hold up, my sister told me about that exact same story about 2 months ago (with 20 or 30 something different types), and it was supposed to of happened in a resturant in north end. i think it was one o those storys that happened ages ago, somewhere. and people apply it to there local one.
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