OM Unit vs Thing - Something Ancient [31 Recordings] appreciation


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Oct 12, 2014
I love OM Unit. Not everything, but a lot of it. Imo, his best work is what hes done for Metalheadz, especially the first EP and that War track with the Alan Watts sample.
I also love Thing. The amount of tunes he used to churn out is incredible. (its also the reason i stopped checking his stuff: theres simply too much)

Now these two making 'Something Ancient' together is having the best of both worlds.
You have Thing's deep dub vibes, combined with OM Unit's atmospheric synth magic.

Im really hoping this wasnt a one time collaboration !


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Dec 1, 2013
Both producers are seriously prolific and I happen to enjoy the majority of both of their music as well, including Something Ancient.

I'm afraid it looks like this was a one time Thing.


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Apr 3, 2013
the other side, the shadow boxing remix is one of my all time favourite tracks, the perfect re imagining and something ancient compliments it perfectly, classic release..

favourite thing releases

between walls
one million
want u
last night
minimal theme
outer lands
future roots

fave om unit

the lake
adventures in eden
wicker and pearl
governors bay
grey skies over chicago



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Oct 12, 2014
Just listening to 2tall Shifting Tides LP. Thats an OM Unit's alias and the LP is very downbeat, hiphop, jazz fusion vibes.
Great LP btw !!!

Anybody has an idea where the vocal sample in 'The Winder' comes from (see below) ?

Also any ideas what kind of jazz fusion band is in the vein of the sounds used in said tune ?

Foxy Lady, jumping hysteria femme of the flesh
depressed, androgynous,
two cur blue than every downbeak of break for the potential of trill (?)
sustained in the break
the space of a heartbeat, death fluttering thrill deranged
delight of just about to get some fine lady

the heart of the new musiclover syncopated
no longer the sadden ally uber rock n roll

just learning to fuck a little,
but now sensitive
heading hot
hypothalamus, operator of an involutary breath heartbeat
the brain and thought a saw to finely tune strings of a catgut, merging through heat and pluck with warmth of human hand
held this machine in embrace, close to heart or down to lingam
or in a mist of the belly abdomen seed of sense and wind and sustenance

the mergings with the techbox finely tuned
like the fingers of HO vibration upon the air
from way down in time, from back through the air
back beat space

thrill, trill, in a break


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Oct 12, 2014
wicker and pearl
governors bay
I had a bit of a hard time of getting into his Threads album. Mainly because i didnt get it at that moment in time.
You know, when you are not ready for something because you expect something different ?

But OM Unit has a great ear for samples !
I especially love the 'Drift Interlude'. Its sampled from a Jim Jarmusch movie, but the way he uses those spoken words is pure genius. Its one of those moments when a sample opens a door to another world of mood and atmosphere
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