Oldskoooolin' this Saturday night

Uncle Dugs

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Uncle Dugs & Billy Bunter present the official #RCFF meets Music Monday boat party after party...

10pm-6am this Saturday 13th April on the 1st floor of the Coronet in Elephant & Catle..

The boat party sold out in under 2 hours but you can join us all over at the after party where we will be continuing the vibes,, the boat party crew will be arriving straight from the boats docking at 10pm like rent a rave...

100% oldskool hardcore & Jungle with no MC's all night long...

Line up is as follows..

DJ VIBES (A proper 100% undiluted underground 92/93 set from 1 of the scenes true characters/legends)

Billy Daniel Bunter & Uncle Dugs

Jamie G & Chase




Vinyl Vera

G Magikal

Eddie ESP

Nut Nut

Tickets are £10 from ticketsellers https://www.theticketsellers.co.uk/...monday-part-3-boat-party-after-party/10026103

FB event page >>> https://www.facebook.com/events/155341461298246/?context=create

Hoep to see you all there,, if I can still actually see by the time we arrive ;)