Oldskool mailing list (+ FAO WEBMASTERS!)

DJ Destiny

Jan 30, 2002
As you may or may not know, there is a well established community with many familiar names.
Its an email based list where you can send and recieve from it.
(Handy for people wanting to chat about the scene/music/etc while at work with no web access, but only email!)

There are many members that only post on there and not on any other sites/forums so its another place to get some trades/ID's/views/news etc etc

Send a blank email to oldschool-subscribe@hyperreal.org to join, its as simple as that!

For the webmasters with relivant sites, please add one of the banners from www.kikit.freeserve.co.uk/banners this is only a temporary place for them, so DO NOT link to them, but save them onto your own webspace.
Thanks :)
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