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    If you love the original sounds of oldskool Jungle then check out www.remanissradio.net each and every Saturday - live from 10am

    Line up as Follows

    10.00-12.00 - Flipside (Cyndicut Fm)
    12.00-14.00 - Kaya (Renegade FM)
    14.00-16.00 - Ribbs and Kascade (Cyndicut FM)
    16.00-18.00 - Mr Black and Spen (Orgy Dance)
    18.00-20.00 - Frease (Remaniss Radio)
    20.00-22.00 - Jakey Boy (Up and Coming)
    22.00-00.00 - Garry Bynon (live from Sydney)
    00.00-02.00 - Charge and Just Jones (Cyndicut Fm)

    to listen click the links below

    CLICK HERE For Broadband

    CLICK HERE For Dial up

    Or alternatively goto www.remanissradio.net and click the listen now link for our interactive media player

    Also log onto our chat CHAT HERE

    Also free shouts can be sent to the studio from our Media Player or via the website