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    Jun 6, 2005
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    NW London/Birmingham

    shut up and dance - The green man
    Altern 8 - activ8
    Ibiza crew - jungle rock ep
    Altern 8 - evapor8
    Altern 8 - Brutal8
    Altern 8 - Brutal8 (orange edition)
    Kicks like a mule - dj talk
    one II one - I want you
    Goldseal tribe - your love
    3 thieves & a liar - forseeing the future
    Dream frequency - take me
    The scientist - the bee
    Ms six - something for your mind ep
    darkman - london vs frankfurt
    Whose party - anyones house
    Desired state - turn on ep
    Shoot the moon - hot love
    Meltdown - fall down on me
    Baby D - let me be your fantasy
    Dj eye spy - Do me right
    System AD - Daringa street
    Ground clearance - Done be afraid
    Doc Scott - Surgery remix
    Terrorize - its just a feeling (repress)
    Smith inc - Music and life ep (remix)
    Awesome 3 - Dont go (repress)
    Q bass - hardcore will never die
    Phuture Assassins - shot like dis
    Acen - close your eyes (XXX mix)
    Jeckyl & hyde - Slice of soul
    The scientist - Exorcist
    Hi-Fi power - chill out
    Skin up - Blockbuster
    Urban jungle productions - do you hear
    Four play - Djs unite
    Cool hand flex - oddball ep
    Rhythm for reasons - grand national (repress)
    2 Xtreme - X treme theme (repress)
    Baby D - let me be your fantasy (remixes)
    Dj phantasy - Under the influence
    Baby d - let me be your fantasy (Acen remixes)
    unkown white label (cant find on discogs)

    collection only (i live in NW london, south ruislip), 42 vinyl, £110 (just over £2.50 a vinyl)