Oldskool Back To '95 UK Garage Mix!

Mr Primetime

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Dec 22, 2007
The sunny side of South London!
Something a bit different for you - A Back To 95 Oldskool UK Garage mix, mixed by yours truly...REAL Oldskool UK Garage kutz for REAL connoissuers - These are some of the tunes that inspired Speed Garage sound in the late 90's...

If you like your Oldskool UK Garage then just click on the link below to download! - Happy listening!


Logic - Blues For You
Grant Nelson - In My Soul
White Label - All Night Long
George Morel - Lets Groove
Meccano Vol.1 - Pick Me Up
24 Hour Experience - I Need A Man
Grant Nelson - Rhode House
The Bhudda
G.O.D - Vol.3
Todd Edwards & The Sample Choir - Love Will Make Things Better
24 Hour Experience - Together
Cloud 9 - Do You Want Me?
R.A.W - Asuka
Todd Edwards - Saved My Life
MJ Cole - Cheese & Pickle
24 Hour Experience - Feeling's Mutual
R.I.P Productions - Playaz Anthem
Masters At Work - I've Changed
Mousse T - Everybody
Smokin Beats - Jazz House
Mood To Swing - Closer
R.I.P Productions - Obsessed
24 Hour Experience - All Nighter
Cover Up's - Vol.1
Smokin Beats - Look Who's Lovin' Me

LINK ---------> http://www.mediafire.com/?bxwxxuxyuj2
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