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Yorkshire Tony

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Hi everyone, im after some liquid compilations with the older style of tunes on . When I say older style of liquid, I mean tunes like:

Total Science - Flip Flop
Mutt - Just The Kind Of
Commix - Herbie
Total Science - Gravy Girls
MJ - rock with you marky and spy rmx
D.Kay - Balearic Dream
Zinc - Departure (D Bridge remix)

If anyone can recommend some mix cds/ compilations or albums along these lines would be great


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Alix Perez's mix for ATM with System from a few years ago is a good one. Should be on dnbshare, I think. Not sure if it's what you're looking for, though...


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Atlantic Connection feat Minds One - Can't destroy love
Alix Perez - Crooklyn
Calibre - Blue Top
Benga and Coki - Nite (DSB rmx)
D-Bridge - Inner Self Belief
Mutt- Just the kind of
Calibre - Fire and Water
Commix - Strictly
Calibre - Mr. Right on
A.I - Movin on
Solid State - Just a vision (Markus Intalex Rmx)
Zero-T feat Steo - Refusal (Calibre Rmx)
A.I and D-Bridge - Odessa
Alias - Plum fairy
MIST feat Jenna G - Lover
Alix Perez feat Fats - Down the line
Dj Roots -Sorris de floor
D-Bridge - Pipe Dreams
Commix - What's your sign
MIST - Memeory Jog
Cyantific - Empty Streets
Holdtight - Mr.Brown
Calibre - Peso
Atlantic Connection - Situations
Mutt - Kush Talk
Physics - Dreamworld (D-Bridge rmx)
Calibre - Second Sun
Stress Level and TC1 feat Jenna g - Lost in music
Marky and XRS - Highlights
Calibre - Mr. Maverick
Caibre - Signs
Alix Perez - Stray
Un-Cut - Midnight


Mutt- Hot Lick Squeeze
Calibre – Rejack
Die - Autumn (Commix Remix)
Commix feat Steve Spacek – How you gonna feel
Alix Perez – Crown City
MIST – Red Light
ShyFX – Lovers Rock
Nu:Tone feat Talc – Jet stream
Roni Size – Want your body (Calibre Remix)
D-Bridge – China Blue
High Contrast - Music is everything (Influx UK Remix)
Alix Perez – Contradictions
MIST – Mistical Dub
Zero T – Diamonds and Pearls
XRS- Secrets of the floating island
Calibre feat MC Fats – Drop it down
Artificial Intelligence – Desperado
Makoto feat MC Conrad – Golden Girl
Calibre – Hold Back (Jah)
D-Kay – It’s on the way
Matrix vs Goldtrix – It’s love (Trippin)
Influx UK – Back for more
Calibre – It’s…
Commix – Roots train
Mutt feat Kevin King – Conversations
Random Movement – Stars in the dark
Artificial Intelligence – Ever on
Influx Uk – Alright
Alix Perez – Melaine
D-Bridge and Calibre – Ponderosa
Artificial Intelligence feat Jenna G - Rising