Old skool style raves

Haven't really got a clue what i'm doing apart from asking if anyone knows of any 92 style raves that happen any more. Uk-based and been "in the scene" since 1990 when I managed to pick up Fantasy FM whilst living in London.

Have been hooked since then and have lived through the unbelievable period between 1990-1993. Things started getting too dark between 1994-1995. Drum and Bass improved the scene with Bukem etc.

The music is great nowadays and I have alot of time for Hospital records and the more fluid side of the scene. Having said that I can handle a tearin' tune as much as anyone else. Steer well clear of tech step tho'.

Anyway back to the original question - does anyone know of any 1992-esque raves that happen in the UK? Or is that just a dim and distant memory for us all?


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welcome to the board man, I'm in the wrong place to help with your rave question but I sure wish there was some proper old school round here too. Been into it since 1992 myself, all I can say is there are some great downloads in the Stuck In 92 section here.

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