Old skool sessions

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    Mar 25, 2006
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    Heres the mix recorded Live in the studio and also just uploaded dubplate 10 check it out on U Tube

    1. Messiah Thunderdome White
    2. Messiah Prince of Darkness Deja vu
    3. Eon What is music Vinyl solution
    4. Messiah I am Evil Deja vu
    5. Ibiza Crew Keep it up Ibiza
    6. Extacy Express The end Flying Records
    7. The Diceman Sonic system Vivational
    8. 808 state Cubic ZTT
    9. Virus EP ice cream Triple Helix
    10.4 Hero Mind Loss Reinforced
    11.Virus EP the key to the universe Triple Helix
    12 4 Hero voodoo beats Reinforced
    13.Virus ep what a rush Triple Helix
    14.4 Hero Ghost stories Reinforced