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Apr 9, 2017
I first got into dnb when I was 13 (1994) my uncle introduced me to hardcore before that djs such d trippa,ratty and mickey finn my favourite mcs were gq and Robbie D. I remember when it split into jungle and happy hardcore and thinking jungle was more superior with the likes of Congo natty and Ronnie size. When I reached 17 I was going to desire one nation helter-skelter and innovation. My favourite mcs were stevie hyper, navigator, moose, det, and the ragga twins. I used to avoid raves that had mcs like bassman"sharp like a razor cut you make you bleed" (still makes me cringe)and man parris and mc steppa who would just ruin a set. I don't know how they got away with it for so long magika was another one. I'm glad the mcs these days like shotta and skibdee use real lyrical content and not pump up the bass no time to waste shit like them northern monkeys.
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