Old skool + jungle mixes for the download


1. Bizzy B pac jamming Brain records

2. Mig 31 Mig 31 Pirate records

3. Defcon vol 1 come with me Nba records

4. MI 7 Show 1 Chill

5.Caspa pound Fever called love Rising High records

6.Toxic 2 Acid Flash PWL

7. “e” nothing to beat Plastic surgery

8. Peter ranking Ready for the world Production House


3 - 4 pmSaturdays 6 - 7:30 pm Mondays www.krisisdnb.com

1. Project 1 Dance hall vibes Marshall gold

2. ‘e’ Feel it Plastic surgery

3. SMF 4 Gullotine(psychotic mix) Rugged vinyl

4. Project 1 Live vibes Marshall gold

5.SMF 4 Scoob Rugged vinyl


1. Adam F Metropolis Metalheadz
2. Optical God is God Promo
3. DJ Crystl Warpdrive rmx Deejay recordings
4. Ray Keith rmx Information centre Ruff kut
5. DJ Crystl meditation rmx Deejay recordings
6, DJ Crystl Let it roll rmx Deejay recordings
7. Koda Time of signs Intelective recordings
8. Foul Play Stepper rmx Moving shadow
9. Lemon D Its my Life Metalheadz
10.Photek Consciousness Metalheadz
11.Lemon d Break it up Reinforced
12.Arcon 2 unorthodox activity Reinforced


1. Progression rec Jungle dream Ibiza

2. Scott + Keith Deranged (drums mix) Reinforced

3. Basic rhythm Neurosis Reinforced

4. Scott + Keith Deranged Reinforced

5. DJ Spice 150 bumps Soapbar

6. Scott + Keith get busy crew Reinforced


3-4 pm Saturdays and 6-7:30 pm Mondays www.krisisdnb.com


1. F.A.S.T the rhythm is back Brutal

2 .Rebel mc Street Tuff Desire records

3. Break outs E Yah Power trax

4. Nebula 2 séance (trip mix) White

5. Acen Moonrider Unreal


1. L.T.J Bukem Return to atlantis Good Looking records
2. Tayla Bang the drums Good Looking records
3. Fokus on line Deejay recordings
4. Parallel world Tear into it Good Looking records
5. Funky technicians Airtight rmx Legend recordings
6. Dave Wallace expressions Moving shadow
7. Aquasky Tranquility Moving shadow
8. P- Funk P- Funk era Frontline records


1. Technotronic Pump up the jam Swanyard Records

2. Incognita violence Chill

3. 2 Mad don’t hold back the feeling Big Life

4. Rhythm + spice come together White

5. Digital exitation Dream Party HPF records

6. Excel D Thunder White

7. Renegade Soundwave Biting my nails Mute records

8. Brainstorm Strange attraction R + S records

9. Love revolution I feel it Promo

10.T.P.L.C Live at the g spot Import records

11.T.T.O Untitled Black label

12.Bad traffic forever changing moods White

13.Directional force Forever R+ S records

14.Turntable hype Set u free Go Bang

15.Potential Hazard Hazardous club City Limits

16.Hydrowave Artline Private Beats

17.Sub bass Asylum Hardware

18.Speedy J Evolution Plus 8 records



1. Unie wiemer Essential cuts White

2. Urban Shakedown Do it now Urban Shakedown

3. Pierre point Fuzion Ep Bass sphere records

4. Laptone Phobia rmx White

5. G.T.O The bullfrog Fabulous records

6. Original Clique 3 phase 415 v Chill records

7. Radioactive the elimiter Xymo records

8. TNT energy White

9. Trance trax Get on Beat box

10.T.F.X tabla tune stealth records

11.Urban hype Teknologi Reachin music

12.Gatecrashers what a racket White

13.Depth charge 1st release White

14.Rum + black wicked SUAD

15.Fonz Hate Beatfreak music



1.Nickle Bee Release the energy Boogie Times

2.C.M.C Raggamuffin Ibiza

3.Cold mission The Sound Bizniz Reinforced

4.Tom + Jerry Maximum Style Shell04

5.Krome + Time Ganja Man Tearin vinyl

6.A.Wilson Absent Minds Motivation Records

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